Eco Futures Northants Announce First Workshop To Aid Local Businesses

Eco Futures Northants

Eco Futures Northants Announce First Workshop To Aid Local Businesses

On Tuesday 14th September 2021, Eco Future Northants will be hosting their first workshop for businesses interested in becoming greener. Whether your business is already doing a lot of excellent green work, you’ve started taking some steps towards sustainable working or you’re completely green (pun intended) to being greener, this workshop is for you. 

The group aim to build a strong community of businesses within Kettering initially, and then more broadly across North Northants, celebrating those who are taking steps towards being sustainable and carbon neutral. 

Emily Fedorowycz, local Green councillor and Climate Champion for Kettering will be hosting the first workshop on understanding your carbon footprint as a business.

Emily said, “Businesses across the world are waking up to the fact that if they don’t go green, they’re going to get left behind. Nearly two thirds of Brits say that climate change is their number one concern. That is huge. Climate change came out ahead of saving for the future. That means when it comes to choosing between you and another company, product or service, the greener option is going to win out. This is going to start happening more and more. 

“It’s also not a question of if businesses will have to go green; it’s a question of when. Businesses can wait for policy to come into place to force them to act, but it makes commercial sense to capitalise on this as a selling point now, while it’s hot, and we’re still at the beginning of a key transitional period. Make the change now and you’ll stand out. It also means you’ll futureproof your company for the years to come. We want businesses in North Northants to have the best chance of being those first pioneers, being recognised by consumers and ultimately, winning business.

Part of our ethos is also to celebrate and recognise businesses for their efforts to become carbon neutral and more sustainable. Like all of us as individuals, we’re all at different points in our journey to become greener, and the little steps are as important as the big ones. Not only will we be looking to promote businesses who have achieved carbon neutral or sustainability certifications, we also want to commend those who commit to making regular pledges to improve.”

The first workshop from Eco Futures Northants will focus on understanding the benefits of going green for your business, how to work out the carbon footprint of your business and looking at the small steps all businesses can take to be more sustainable. As part of the free workshop you will also gain access to free resources that you can take away to help you assess and improve your business. 

You can sign up to the free workshop here 

Find out more about Eco Futures Northants here

We challenge you to also encourage three other businesses in North Northants to come along, be they your local hairdresser, your butcher, your builder or your neighbour with a business they run from home – all are welcome. Together we can share in our different green journeys and turn over a new leaf.