How Consistent Are You With Your Brand When Digital Marketing ?

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How Consistent Are You With Your Brand When Digital Marketing ?

Poppy Design Studio’s Marketing Manager, Simon Cox, talks about brand consistency when on line…..

We talk about brand consistency and keeping our marketing engagement as professional as possible, but when was the last time you checked your social media accounts for consistency ?

We’ve seen many social media accounts over the years which vary in information and this can cause concern with potentially out of date information for your followers or visitors to your business or brand for the first time.


Tip 1 – We recommend you check all your contact details are correct on your social media accounts. Have you got the correct address, telephone number and contact details on your accounts ? These are simple to change, but so important, especially where people have been browsing during the pandemic to see whether you are trading. A quick, but simple solution to ensure your accounts are consistent across your business.

Tip 2 – What about the links from your website to your social media accounts ? Have you changed your Twitter account recently or even claimed your Facebook URL ? It’s all important and shows you are on top of your social media accounts.

Tip 3 – Is your website typed correctly on your social media accounts ? There is nothing worse than people finding you on social media and they click on your website domain and the URL doesn’t connect through to your website. This could result in lost visitors and, ultimately, lost business.

Tip 4 – Is your company branding and logo up to date ? This is one of the first things people see when they visit your social media or website. Is your logo sized correctly and working well on all your social media platforms ? What about checking this on mobile devices ? How does small text work on mobile devices ? It’s key that this is consistent and kept within the set area on your social media accounts. If you have a logo which is mainly landscape, maybe consider a square version for your social media so it’s kept within brand guidelines on your social media.

Tip 5 – Are you one of the business still showing you are on Google + ? In 2018, Google announced they were closing Google +  and yet we are over two years on and still businesses are displaying the icon on their website and have a link which is of no importance to anyone except people aimlessly clicking around. All they will do is end up a site of no value and you will look out of touch with your brand, your website and your social media.

Finally, Tip 6 – Do you have brand guidelines outlining your business and, technically, rules and regulations for use of your brand ? We recommend you have these consistently followed so your brand is kept consistent.


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