Insight into Industry – Can you help?

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Insight into Industry – Can you help?

Kettering Science Academy are planning a world of work week (WOW) at the end of this academic year for their Year 10 students (14-15 year olds) which will consist of a range of work related/problem solving activities for students to carry out in school.  These will be teacher led activities.

With the pandemic taking away so many work experience opportunities for young people, the Academy based in Deeble Road, Kettering are keen to ensure their students understand about the world of work.

They would like to equip them with employability skills, including economic and financial planning, creative and enterprise skills to support the development of skills demanded in the workplace today and local businesses are invited to get involved and help inspire the future generation.

Are you able to provide Kettering Science Academy with a short video (approx. 5-7 mins) which outlines your business and its main functions/departments so that their students can gain a better understanding of your industry and the range of careers within it.

They also hope to set them an enterprise task which links to your company and the Academy has plenty of materials which can be adapted to almost any industry, or perhaps you may have a specific task yourself you would like our students to work on.

The Academy are also asking that businesses who support their students are available for a short feedback from their students, if possible to answer any questions they may have about your industry or experience within business.

If you would like to spare some time to help support the Academy, please email Julie Thompson, Careers Advisor at Kettering Science