North Northamptonshire Launches Spring Clean Scheme

fly tipping of refuse

North Northamptonshire Launches Spring Clean Scheme

North Northamptonshire Council’s (NNC) Waste team are launching a Spring Clean Scheme to support the many community groups and litter minded individuals who are helping the Council tackle litter in time for Keep Britain Tidy’s national campaign which runs from 28 May – 13 June.

NNC are encouraging everyone who visits or lives in the area to take any litter home with them, if possible, when out and about.

Likewise, if you are combining your daily exercise with litter picking, NNC can support you by offering the following:

• The loan of litter pickers, hoops, and high visibility vests and bags to collect waste collected.

  • Arrange additional capacity for residents who are taking the litter home so that it can be collected as part of the household collections.
  • Prior arrangements of collection points for sizable items, or lots of bags.

Cllr Harriet Pentland, Executive Member for Climate & Green Environment, at North Northamptonshire Council said: “At NNC, we are proud to support local residents and community groups who want to help us keep North Northants clean and tidy and make the area somewhere we can all be proud to live in.

“Our Waste team are always happy to help anyone who wants to litter pick and can loan tools, whilst also arranging for collection of litter and larger items. All we ask is that you be safe and considerate.”

Anyone who is out and about collecting litter is responsible for their own safety and should ensure they follow some simple steps to stay safe:

• Remember the Covid guidelines, keep social distancing and keep the groups small.

  • Let the Council know in advance that you plan to go out and collect litter.
  • If you are using the loan equipment then please remember to count it out and back in, so that we can be sure the equipment does not get lost and we can continue to support litter picking activities.
  • Prearrange a collection point, if you think you are going to have a lot of bags, then the Council can assist with capacity and collection arrangements. Simply leaving it by a litter bin adds to the problem and could be considered fly – tipping.
  • Check the location you plan to pick, if it is privately owned land, the landowner has some responsibility for waste removal, and they may have arrangements  in place for cleansing.
  • Clinical waste such as syringes/needles (Do not touch – please report to the Council to arrange suitable removal)
  • Do not crush drinks cans – there could be something sharp hidden in it.
  • Do not compress the waste bags.
  • Unidentified cans, chemical containers and oil drums must be reported to the Council to arrange suitable removal.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects, please consider if this is practical for volunteers to remove.
  • It is advised that a hi-viz jacket or brightly picked clothing is worn whilst picking.
  • When litter picking near roads always walk towards the oncoming traffic “Never litter pick with your back turned”
  • Avoid hazardous areas such as steep, slippery banks and busy roads, if possible, try to avoid peak traffic times.
  • Ensure you are a safe distance away from the highway.  As a guidance try to obtain 0.6 metres (2 feet) in areas of 30mph and 1.2 metres (4feet) above 30 mph, we recommend that areas of less than this distance are avoided.
  • It’s great to encourage children to look after their neighbourhood. Please ensure they are closely supervised and consider carefully whether the location is safe for them to be litter picking.If you see any fly tipping, please do not touch it but if possible, note the ‘what three words’ location and report it online at

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