Poppy Design Studio Signs Up To Help Young People

Speakers for Schools

Poppy Design Studio Signs Up To Help Young People

Poppy Design Studio have taken another step forward in pledging their support for young people and the local community by joining Speakers for Schools and help students with online work experience.

The Desborough creative studio team have pledged to help young people to gain experience in employment and hands on opportunities by providing work experience opportunities for young people via the Speakers for Schools online platform.

Educational equality charity Speakers for Schools aims to level the playing field for all young people. Through in-school and online talks from today’s influential figures via its Inspiration programme and its pioneering in-person and virtual work experience programme, Speakers for Schools links state school students to industry-leading companies and networked support partners to level the playing field for young people of all backgrounds across the UK. And, its services for schools and students are entirely free of charge.

So far, Speakers for Schools has reached over 1,000,000 students nationwide through school talks and work experience programmes and facilitates over 2,500 engagements and placements a year.

Marketing Manager Simon Cox said “We are really looking forward to helping young people and providing opportunities via the Speakers for Schools platform. The platform will enable us to liaise with students who are interested in learning and working with some of the projects we have for them to put their skills into action.”

“By uploading opportunities to the online platform, we can offer virtual work experience opportunities to help give young people a start and we look forward to working with them.”

Head Designer and Director Marie Baker said “We are delighted to be able to offer virtual work experience to young people and hope they will benefit from the opportunities provided to help them with some real life work experience.”

To learn more about Speakers for Schools, visit www.speakersforschools.org


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